child at child care provider location

Providing Child Care Services to Military Families

Child care issues are a pressing problem for our military families; help us find the solution!

Here’s how you can help our service members

  • Offer child care services to Army Families through the Give Army Parents a Break Child Care Program.
  • Offer full-time care to families through Operation Military Child Care and receive fee assistance.
  • Donate child care services on a short-term basis (two to four hours).
  • Offer child care services at Military Family support events.

If you are willing to provide child care to children from military families, please contact your local Child Care & Referral agency by calling 888-291-9811.

“I felt I needed to step in and help. My grandmother volunteered with the Red Cross
during World War II. I thought, ‘Here’s the chance for my generation and field to help.’
My program and I have been the better for it.”

— Carol Dundee, child care provider

Operation Military Child Care

Operation Military Child Care LogoOperation Military Child Care is designed to support Families of deployed service members by offering full-time or part time child care fee assistance.



  • Completed provider fee assistance application (available online or download (PDF))
  • Provider W9 Form (PDF)
  • Copy of valid state license
  • Copy of state licensing inspection within the last 12 months

How will my program benefit?

  • Fee assistance for services provided
  • Ability to support the Families serving our Country
  • Free marketing through Child Care Aware's online directory and Preferred and Approved Provider participation
  • Quicker enrollment for Families into Army fee assistance programs
  • Special incentives and discounts
  • Links to resources and training materials