family friends neighbors caregiver with child

Resources for FFN Caregivers


Organizations called Child Care Aware agencies are located in different parts of Minnesota to help family, friend and neighbor caregivers. 

Each organization offers different ways to help, such as:

  • Play & Learn Groups
  • Newsletters (may be in different languages)
  • Resource bags with safety equipment or activity ideas
  • Online learning opportunities, some in Spanish
  • First Aid and CPR training
  • Information or training on positive discipline, health & safety and nutrition
  • Child development information
  • School readiness information
  • Advice and ideas for taking care of children
  • Who needs a child care license
  • Information on helping families pay for child care

Find your local Child Care Aware agency by calling 1-888-291-9811. Services are available in English, Hmong, Somali and Spanish.


Although no license is required, if you want to work with families who are part of the Child Care Assistance Program, you can become a "legally nonlicensed" provider. There are training requirements for being a legally nonlicensed provider.

You do not need a license to take care of a child in your home if:

  • You are related by blood, marriage, adoption or tribal custom to the children.
  • You take care of children in only one family.
  • You take care of children in their own home.
  • You are caring for children age 11 or older.