Emergency Preparedness Training

Child Care Emergencies: Be Prepared
Identify the risks and hazards that may affect your child care program. Examine the nine national best practices for creating strong emergency plans to protect the children in your care. Create a written emergency plan specific for your program and an action plan for communicating and maintaining your emergency plan.

For available trainings, search for “Child Care Emergencies” using Develop, Minnesota’s Quality Improvement and Registry Tool or locate a training below to register.

City Start Date Registration Deadline Event ID
Brainerd 10/25/17 10/25/17 251298
Lakefield 11/20/17 11/14/17 251964
Mankato 12/12/17 12/5/17 250264
Monticello 11/15/17 11/9/17 251297
Waite Park 11/8/17 11/2/17 251495
Winona 12/12/17 12/5/17 252274