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About the National Child Development Associate Credential

This nationally-respected credential offers valuable knowledge on meeting the needs of children. A National CDA (Child Development Associate) issued by the Council for Professional Recognition.

Eligibility Requirements for a National CDA

Candidate must:
  • Complete 120 training hours in the 8 CDA content areas
  • Have worked with children a minimum of 480 hours within the past three years
  • Complete the Professional Portfolio
  • Have earned a high school diploma or GED
  • Must have the CDA Competency Standards book
  • For more information on the CDA and to order your CDA Competency Standards book, including application materials, please visit

Benefits of Earning a National CDA

Child care professionals who earn their National CDA credential receive increased professional recognition. Become Credential Proud!
Other benefits include:
  • Eligibility to receive child care assistance dollars at a higher reimbursement rate
  • Nationally recognized credential
  • Stepping stone to higher education
  • Helps you earn your Parent Aware Rating