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If you're searching for child care in Minnesota or are a child care provider looking for services please call 888-291-9811.

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Child Care Aware of Minnesota
380 Lafayette Road, Suite 103, Saint Paul, MN 55107
T: 651-290-9704
F: 651-290-9785

Services available in English, Hmong, Somali, and Spanish.
Twin Cities area: 651-665-0150
Toll-free: 866-807-6021
To connect to your local Child Care Aware agency: 888-291-9811

Executive Director
Ann McCully
651-290-9704 ext. 115

Associate Director
Karen Fogolin
651-290-9704 ext. 110

Professional Development

Professional Development & Eager-to-Learn Director
Cory Woosley

Education Coordinator
Holly Meuers
651-290-9704 ext. 109

Financial Supports Director
Valerie Peterson
651-290-9704 ext. 107

Eager-to-Learn Technology and Program Support Specialist
Grace Kintzinger

Professional Development Operations Administrator
Brian Wray
651-290-9704 ext. 105

T.E.A.C.H. Program Counselor
Erin Young
651-290-9704 ext. 200

T.E.A.C.H. Program Accountant
Denise Kilgore
651-290-9704 ext. 106

Quality Initiatives

Parent Aware Rating Supervisor
Kerry Gershone

Parent Aware Rater
Rhonda Donnay-Rice

Quality Improvement Coordinator
Rozalyn Zuest

Quality Improvement Specialist
Becky Gillard
651-290-9704 ext. 103

Statewide Support

Data Programs Manager
Angie Bowman

Referral Support Coordinator
Sue Molstad
651-290-9704 ext. 111

Regional Support Coordinator
Terry Vasquez
651-290-9704 ext. 116

Communications and Engagement Director
Maria Moeller
651-290-9704 ext. 118

Communications Associate
Danny Nicklin
651-290-9704 ext. 112

Digital Programs and Web Developer
Anna Mahan-Miller
651-290-9704 ext. 121

Military Child Care Services Coordinator
Julie Wasiluk
651-290-9704 ext. 119

Administrative Support

Norma Jean Falink