Minnesota Child Care Business Form for Family Child Care

Dear Family Child Care Provider,

How can you provide parents searching for child care with updated information on your program, provide the State with information needed to compare current child care prices and current maximum subsidy rates in the child care assistance program (CCAP) and influence Minnesota's child care policies, trainings and program supports? Please complete the form below, and click "Submit" at the end of the survey.

The information you provide via this Update is public and will be shared directly with the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Some of this information will also be posted on the Parent Aware website at www.parentaware.org, and may be provided to parents who contact Child Care Aware seeking information about their child care options. Public information about your licensed child care business will appear on the Parent Aware website regardless of whether you complete this Update.

Contact Information Box

Mailing Address (if different than above)

NEW INFORMATION:  Child Care Aware will use the contact information on file for your business with DHS Licensing. This information can be found at http://licensinglookup.dhs.state.mn.us/.  If this information is out-of-date, please contact your licensor to have it updated.


You are not required to complete this form. To indicate that you do not wish to particpate, please complete the contact information above and check the box marked "I decline to particpate in the Provider Business Form" . You may also call or e-mail the Child Care Aware office and indicate that you do not wish to complete the Business Form. If you reach voice mail, please leave your name and address so that the Child Care Aware staff can identify your program.